SnapPea PC for Windows 95/98/NT4 and up to Windows 7 is now available; see SnapPea PC link to left in navigation sidebar.

You may check the readme files there for more information.

SnapPea for OS/2 Warp has been already available from the Geometry Center.

SnapPea is a program developed on the Macintosh by Dr. Jeff Weeks of the Geometry Center. It is the main program that is available to mathematicians for calculating with and studying the geometry and topology of hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

SnapPea for IBM's OS/2 Warp operating system was a porting by me to run SnapPea on a PC type machine. SnapPea for Windows 95 came afterwards. This also runs under Windows 98 as well as NT version 4.0 and all later Windows PC operating systems.

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                                                   Photo Credit: Hubble Space Telescope and NASA